Dry Ice can be a fantastic addition to a Halloween party if used safely & instructions followed. Needs to be used as soon as possible after collection but can be kept in the freezer to help slow down evaporation. It will evaporate over time if not used.
Dry ice must only be used in single amounts in drinks drank through a straw or great in pumpkins & cauldrons for a spooky fog effect! 
It is completely safe & doesn’t get digested if used correctly.  Larger amounts can break drinking vessels! Advisable to used with our Chill Stix dispensers for safe drinking. Dry Ice will burn your mouth & skin badly if contact occurs. 
For children we advise adding Dry Ice to a punch bowl/ pitcher & decanting drinks from the surface into cups, or use with our Chill Stix. Instructions for both drinks & displays will be provided & must be followed for safe use. 
Children must be supervised to avoid touching the Dry Ice. 
One piece will last from approx 3-5 minutes in a drink, depending on the temperature of the drink. 
Cool liquid will fog slower than warm liquid. But warmer liquid gives a better effect, especially if used in a display pumpkin or cauldron so using more at a time for a display will last longer. 

Dry Ice approx 20 pieces of dry ice for drinks or display fog effect.



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